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Comprehensive Roofing Services for Your Business

HG Contractors, Inc. specializes in commercial roofing for businesses in Fort Worth. Whether you need new roof installation, roof repair, or maintenance of your commercial roofing system, you can depend on us to provide reliable service for your business.

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Services for All Types of Commercial Roofing

At HG Contractors, Inc., we offer repair, installation, and maintenance services for small businesses and large commercial buildings. Most commercial buildings have flat roofs, rather than the sloped roofs that are found in most homes. We provide installation, repair, and maintenance of the three main types of flat roofs, built-up roofs, modified bitumen, and rubber membrane roofs, as well as TPO roofing systems.

We deliver exceptional service for all types of commercial roofs, including:

  • Built Up Roofs – This type of roofing system is made of layers of hot tar and gravel.

  • Modified Bitumen – These commercial roofing systems are made with a single ply rolled roof enhanced with a mineral based wear surface.

  • Rubber Membrane Roofs – A durable rubber is used to make this type of roofing system.

  • Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) – This type of roof consists of a rubber membrane that is constructed of two types of durable rubber polymerized together. TPO roofing systems are durable, versatile, and sustainable, which makes them popular among local businesses.

All types of flat roofing systems are susceptible to issues related to general wear and tear, cracks, holes, and water damage, since the water tends to pool on the roof, rather than running off as with sloped roofs. Periodic maintenance is necessary to prevent failure of the roofing system and address problems as they occur. We offer maintenance services to protect the integrity of your roof.

Free Inspections & Estimates

We offer free roof inspections and estimates for commercial roofing in Fort Worth, so you will know the problem with your roof and what the repair or replacement will cost. An expert roofer from our company will come to your business, inspect your roof, and explain the work that is needed to restore your roofing system.

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